Various Corn Rotations
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Corn Rotations


These are from the ongoing Crop Rotations -- patterns derived from digitized botanical samples.

The Corn Rotations are all generated from a scanned section of a single ear of corn from an Iowa field. The image is cropped, the color inverted, and the sample is layered and rotated to create a series of kaleidoscopic variations. Bits of kernel, silk, and husk are visible, but the colors are often inverted or shifted. This serves the same function as the color stains used under a microscope it mutes the familiar and allows other characteristics to become visible.

Somes series are finite;
others can generate
numerous additional

. . .

editions: variable

. . .

available as

20" x 20"
c-prints or giclees

30" x 30"
c-prints or giclees

6" x 6" inkjet prints

 blue series III
 yellow series II
 aqua series I
 blue seed series
 purple on green series
  blue series I
 demeter series
 blue series II
 green series
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