S c a n n i n g   t h e   P r a i r i e
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Series of
10" x 15"
digital c-prints



framed and unframed

also available
30" x 40"

editions of 5

Prairie Lights I

Prairie Lights II

Prairie Lights III

Brown-eyed Susan I

Brown-eyed Susan II

Coneflowers I

Coneflowers III

Coneflowers IV

Coneflowers V

Coneflowers VI



Queen Anne's Lace

Scanning the Prairie was my way of exploring an unfamiliar environment. After I moved to Iowa in 2000, I began gathering plant specimens on daily walks near my home in Waterloo-- mostly roadside weeds that grow seemingly in defiance of the corn and beans that are everywhere. I started compiling a record of them using my desktop scanner and computer. In the process Iíve become intrigued with the prairie, and with the scanner, and how these life forms reveal themselves in the high-definition, low depth-of-field digital environment.

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